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IntervalJoin is stucked in rocksdb'seek for too long time in flink-1.6.2

I am using IntervalJoin function to join two streams within 10 minutes. As

           .between(Time.milliseconds(0), Time.milliseconds(600000))
           .process(new processFunction())
labelStream and adLogStream are proto-buf class that are keyed by Long id.

Our two input-streams are huge. After running about 30minutes, the output to
kafka go down slowly, like this:

When data output begins going down, I use jstack and pstack sevaral times to
get these: 

It seems the program is stucked in rockdb's seek. And I find that some
rockdb's srt file are accessed slowly by iteration.

I have tried several ways:

1)Reduce the input amount to half. This works well.
2)Replace labelStream and adLogStream with simple Strings. This way, data
amount will not change. This works well.
3)Use PredefinedOptions like SPINNING_DISK_OPTIMIZED and
4)Use new versions of rocksdbjni. This still fails.
Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thank you very much.

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