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Task manager count goes the expand then converge process when running flink on YARN

Hi experts
I am running flink job on YARN in job cluster mode, the job is divided into 2 tasks, the following are some configs of the job:
parallelism.default => 16
taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots => 8
-yn => 2

when the program starts, I found that the count of task managers is not set immediately, but first expand then converge, I record the number during the process:
Task Managers         Task Slots         Available Task Slots
1. 14  104                    88
        2. 15                             120                    104
        3. 16                             128                    112
        4. 6                               48                      32
        5. 3                               24                      8
        6. 2                               16                      0

The final state is correct. There are 2 tasks, 32 subtask in total, due to slot sharing, only 16 slots are enough, the number of task slots per TM are 8, so 2 TMs are needed.
I have the following question:
Because I specify yn=2, why does not directly allocate 2 TMs, but goes the expand then converge process?  Why does it apply 16 task managers at most? If it is not a must, how to avoid it?

Thanks a lot!