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Fail to recover Keyed State afeter ReinterpretAsKeyedStream


To avoid reshuffling in my job, I started using  DataStreamUtils.reinterpretAsKeyedStream to avoid having to do another keyBy for the same key.  The BackEndState is RocksDB.

When the job recovers after a failure, the ProcessFunction after the keyBy restores its Keyed State correctly, while the Process function after reinterpretAsKeyedStream does not recover the Keyed State.

I have checked the data written by the checkpoints and there is a reference to the sate.

If I change and use keyBy instead of DataStreamUtils.reinterpretAsKeyedStream  the Keyed State is recovered as expected.

Is the DataStreamUtils.reinterpretAsKeyedStream function not intended to use Keyed State? 

Thank you.