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HighAvailability :: FsNegativeRunningJobsRegistry

Hi guys, 
I'm trying to substitute Zookeeper-based HA registry with YARN-based HA registry. (The idea was taken from the issue
In Flink 1.6.1, there exists an org.apache.flink.runtime.highavailability.FsNegativeRunningJobsRegistry which claims to be tailored towards YRN deployment mode. I've looked through org.apache.flink.configuration.HighAvailabilityOptions in order to figure out how to enable YARN-based HA registry but haven't found anything about it. The Flink documentation mentions nothing about it either. 

Do I miss something? Is there a way to use this exact registry for YARN deployments?

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,
Mike Pryakhin

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