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Re: Cancel with savepoint on yarn-cluster mode can't retrieve savepointDir.

Hi Shu Li,

Paul is right, the issue has been fixed. Please upgrade it to the fixed specific version.

Thanks, vino.

Paul Lam <paullin3280@xxxxxxxxx> 于2018年10月19日周五 下午2:35写道:

Paul Lam

在 2018年10月19日,14:32,郑舒力 <nezhazheng@xxxxxxxxx> 写道:

Hi community.

Cancel with savepoint on yarn-cluster mode can’t retrieve savepoint dir directly.
The reason is when I call /jobs/:jobid/savepoints with cancel option. The jobmanager will shutdown,
Then I can’t get savepoint dir through jobmanager(/jobs/:jobid/savepoints/:triggerid) anymore.
Seems like savepoint api should have a synchronous option.

Shu Li Zheng