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Re: ProgramDescription interface

Hi Flavio,

Ping Chesnay and Gary for you.

Thanks, vino.

Flavio Pompermaier <pompermaier@xxxxxxxx> 于2018年10月19日周五 下午11:01写道:
Hi to all,
is there any better way to get the list of required parameters by a Flink job other than implementing ProgramDescription interface and implementing a long (and somehow structured) getDescription() method?
Wouldn't be better to add a List<Option> getJobOptions to such interface in order to allow a more expressive* response of the /jars REST service?
Moreover, in the documentation I see only /jars as service to get the list of available jobs...wouldn't be nice to add also a GET /jars/:jarId to the REST services (and return the available main classes in that jar with the available parameters as proposed)?

*containing a detailed list of the available  job arguments (and their type/default value/help)