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Re: Flink Job state debug

Hi Hequn,

That is what I want, thank you for your help.

Best, yichao

在 2018年10月20日,上午9:30,Hequn Cheng <chenghequn@xxxxxxxxx> 写道:

Hi yichao,

There is a checkpointing IT test here[1]. You can run it locally and set breakpoints to debug.
Furthermore, you can search other checkpointing test cases in Flink git. 

Best, Hequn

On Fri, Oct 19, 2018 at 11:12 AM jia yichao <yc_jia@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Hequn,

Thank you for your help.  My real purpose is to debug the following code in IntelliJ IDEA
I want to start the flink job in IDEA, the 54th line of code can get the states in the previously stored savepoint or checkpoint, at line 56 the  context.isRestored() can return true. Do you have any idea to do this in IDEA? 

在 2018年10月19日,上午9:51,Hequn Cheng <chenghequn@xxxxxxxxx> 写道:

Hi yichao,
A similar question[1] was asked a few days ago. I think it would be helpful to answer this question. 

Best, Hequn

On Fri, Oct 19, 2018 at 1:18 AM jia yichao <yc_jia@xxxxxx> wrote:
I want to debug the flink job in the local IntelliJ IDEA to restore the initializeState from the snapshot of a previous execution . How do I set the parameters to allow the program read the checkpoint or savepoint data from hdfs to restore the state of the program?