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Re: Using several Kerberos keytabs in standalone cluster

Hi Olga,

I think right now this is not possible because we piggybag on the YARN shipment functionality for shipping the Keytab along with the TaskManagers.

I think changing this would require somewhat bigger changes because loading the Keytab happens when the TaskManagers are brought up.


On 8. Oct 2018, at 04:52, Olga Luganska <treble77@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


According to the documentation, the security setup is shared by all the jobs on the same cluster, and if users need to use a different keytab, 
it is easily achievable in Yarn cluster setup by starting a new cluster with a different flink-conf.yaml
Is it possible to setup a standalone cluster in such a way that each user can run his respective jobs with his own keytab?

Thank you very much,