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Re: JDBCAppendTableSink Metric

Hi anil,

It seems that there are no dedicated metrics for jdbc sink. 
For latency, Flink allows to track the latency of records traveling through the system[1].
For other metics, I think you can make use of the system metrics. For example, the metric of numRecordsInPerSecond[2] may be helpful for you.
If these metrics can not meet your requirements, you can report metrics by yourself, Flink exposes a metric system that allows gathering and exposing metrics to external systems[3].

Best, Hequn

On Sat, Oct 6, 2018 at 7:29 PM Anil <anilsingh.jsr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I need to monitor the latency and other similar metric for the Mysql Sink
that Flink writes to. I'm using  JDBCAppendTableSink. Any way how I can
check these. Thanks!

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