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Identifying missing events in keyed streams

Hi everyone, 

I have a keyed stream which is expecting events every fixed interval (let's
say 1 minute). I want to raise alarms for any key which has received no
events in n-periods. What should be the cheapest way (in term of performance
) to do this?
I thought of some solutions, but don't know which one is the best:
1. Sliding window then count the number of events in each window <<< this
seems quite expensive when n is big.
2. Register a timer for every single event, record the last event timestamp
and check that timestamp when the timer expires. (This would be the best if
there's an option to cancel/modify a timer, but it seems that feature is not
available yet)
3. Session window: i haven't implemented this to verify its feasibility.
Thinking of firing the alarm on every window clear event.
4. CEP. I don't know whether it's possible or not. Haven't found a guide for
defining patterns of missing events.

Could you please give some advices?

Thanks and best regards, 

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