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Re: How to use a thin jar instead of a fat jar?

You don’t need to include the flink libraries themselves in the fat jar ! You can put them as provided and this reduces the jar size! They are already provided by your Flink installation. One exception is the table API but I simply recommend to put it in your flink distribution folder (if your flink Installation is >= 1.5) so it also can be marked as provided in your build file.

Am 03.10.2018 um 12:18 schrieb Kumar Bolar, Harshith <hkumv@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hi folks,


We're currently deploying our Flink applications as a fat-jar using the maven-shade-plugin. Problem is, each application jar ends up being approximately 130-140 MB which is a pain to build and deploy every time. Is there a way to exclude dependencies and just deploy a thin jar to the cluster which comes up to about 50 kB?