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Re: How to get taskmanager hostname and port on runtime


Thanks for your reply. port means akka tcp port. Because I want to unique identify a taskmanager. container_id is an other choice.
Kafka metric reporter implement kafka interface, that is not a flink MetricReporter.  So i can’t get flink runtime info directly.

在 2018年9月13日,下午4:25,Dawid Wysakowicz <dwysakowicz@xxxxxxxxxx> 写道:


For the hostname, by default identifier for metrics scoped to taskmanager contain its hostname. You can read more about metrics scope here[1].

What do you mean by port? Which port would you like to report? 


On 13/09/18 06:07, 郑舒力 wrote:
Hello community,

Is there a way to get taskmanager hostname and port on runtime? 
I’d  like to implement a kafka metric reporter, reporter should be able to report the taskmanager hostname and port to monitoring system.