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Orc Sink Table


I am checking the documentation

Register a TableSink

A registered TableSink can be used to emit the result of a Table API or SQL query to an external storage system, such as a database, key-value store, message queue, or file system (in different encodings, e.g., CSV, Apache [Parquet, Avro, ORC], …).

Flink aims to provide TableSinks for common data formats and storage systems. Please see the documentation about Table Sources and Sinks page for details about available sinks and instructions for how to implement a custom TableSink.

You can read that we can define different encodigos CSV, ORC, etc.

But in the source code, I can only find CsvTableFlink

How I can get a OrcTableFlink? Do I need to extend the TableSinkBase, of there is another place to find that implementation