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Re: Hashjoin implementation

Hi Benjamin,

Do you mean that you want to see when you write the program?
Oh, maybe you have confused something. 
The only thing you use to write a program is the Flink DataSet API, which is just a way to describe the job logic. 
And the class you are looking for, it's in the flink-runtime module and it works at runtime. 
Therefore, it is impossible to see it when you write the job program. 
If you really need to see it, then you can add some logs to the related methods, 
but you need to recompile and package the flink-runtime from the source and replace the jar with the same name in the flink distribution.

Thanks, vino.

Benjamin Burkhardt <benjamin.burkhardt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 于2018年9月12日周三 上午12:31写道:
Hi vino,


I was running a join operation on two DataSets and writing the result to disk and the results were correct.
I just was not able to identify the moment when the Hashtable is built. ( is not used in this case?)

Do you have an idea why I cannot find it?

Here is a part of my code:
DataSet<RowCustomers> customers = env.fromElements( new RowCustomers(1, Mayer));
tEnv.registerDataSet("Customers", customers, "customerID, customerName");
DataSet<RowOrders> orders = env.fromElements( new RowOrders(1, 1, new String[]{Pen, Paper"}, "22.08.2018"));
tEnv.registerDataSet("Orders", orders, "orderID, customerID, items, date");
DataSet<Tuple2 <RowCustomers, RowOrders>> result = customers.join(orders, JoinOperatorBase.JoinHint.REPARTITION_HASH_FIRST)

Thanks a lot.

Am 11.09.2018 um 04:24 schrieb vino yang <yanghua1127@xxxxxxxxx>:

Hi Benjamin,

The approximate location is this package, the more accurate location is here.[1]

Specifically, Hash Join is divided into two steps:

1) build side
2) probe side

Thanks ,vino.

Benjamin Burkhardt <benjamin.burkhardt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 于2018年9月10日周一 下午10:09写道:

can anyone tell me where the default hybrid hash join function for partitioning (shuffle phase) is implemented?
Even after deeper dinning I was not able to figure out where it is located.

Might be somewhere here?

Thanks in advance.