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Limitations with Retract Streams on SQL

I'm trying to get a stream of data from a Table I've formed with roughly this SQL:

    HOP_END(rowtime, INTERVAL '1' second, INTERVAL '1' minute)
FROM (SELECT rowtime, user_id, action_name AS msg FROM
        WHERE /* various clauses */
        UNION SELECT rowtime, user_id, action_type AS msg FROM
           WHERE /* various clauses */
HOP(rowtime, INTERVAL '1' second, INTERVAL '1' minute), user_id

If I try to get an append stream it tells me the table is not append only. If I try to get a retract stream it tells me:

Retraction on windowed GroupBy aggregation is not supported yet. Note: Windowed GroupBy aggregation should not follow a non-windowed GroupBy aggregation.

Note: The same query without the union clause works just fine.

The error message doesn't make sense to me because I do not think I'm doing a non-windowed GroupBy anywhere. Can anyone help me?

Gregory Fee