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Re: Multiple hdfs


If your cluster are not high-availability clusters then just use the full path to the cluster.

For example, to refer to directory /checkpoint on cluster1, use hdfs://namenode1_ip:port/checkpoint

Like wise, /data on cluster2 will be hdfs://namenode2_ip:port/data

If your cluster is a HA cluster, then you need to modify the hdfs-site.xml like section 1 of this guide

Then use the full path to the cluster hdfs://cluster1ha/checkpoint & hdfs://cluster2ha/data


On 5/21/2018 9:19 PM, Raul Valdoleiros wrote:

I want to store my data in one hdfs and the flink checkpoints in another hdfs. I didn't find a way to do it, anyone can point me a direction?

Thanks in advance,