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Re: ConcurrentModificationException while accessing managed keyed state

Hi Garvit,

thanks for you feedback, I see you are using the 1.4.1 with Heap state backend, and there are actually two bugs in 1.4.1 related to the kryo serializer and DefaultOperateStateBackend which may cause the ConcurrentModificationException(when checkpointing), they both have been fixed in 1.5. The related issue is and If your case is only caused by the FLINK-8836 and you still wish to use the 1.4.1, then a work around would be to use the RocksDB backend instead. But if it caused by FLINK-9263, I think the best choice might be to upgrade the Flink version to 1.5.

Hope these could help you.

Best, Sihua

On 06/2/2018 22:40Garvit Sharma<garvits45@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sorry guys for the delay. I was trying to reproduce the complete error on my local machine but could not get it though. I will try again with actual traffic and let you the exception Stacktrace.

For now, I have the following details available to me.

Flink version: 1.4.1
State backend: Heap

I am not creating a custom thread to operate the state.

I will reply back with the Stacktrace soon.


On Sat, Jun 2, 2018 at 6:49 PM, aitozi <gjying1314@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Garvit Sharma,

Flink run with per parallel with a single thread. Can you show a little code
about how you use the keyed state in processFunction

Garvit Sharma wrote
> Hi,
> I have a use case where I am keeping the keyed state in ProcessFunction.
> Key: Integer personId;
> /**
>  * The data type stored in the state
>  */public class PersonDetails {
>     public long count;
>     public long lastModified;}
> I have encountered a lot of ConcurrentModificationException.
> I thought Flink processes all the operators on a keyed stream in a single
> thread. It seems like operators being accessed through multiple threads.
> If I get such exception then the data coming from Kafka would be consumed
> without making an update to the internal state. Making me lose the data.
> Please help me in handling the case according to my use case.
> Thanks,
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> Garvit Sharma
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Garvit Sharma

No Body is a Scholar by birth, its only hard work and strong determination that makes him master.