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Re: Looking for relevant sources related to connecting Apache Flink and Edgent.

Hi Felipe,

This seems related to your previous question about a custom scheduler that
knows which task to run on which machine.
As Chesnay said, this is a rather involved and laborious task, if you want
to do it as a general framework.

But if you know what operation to push down, then why not decoupling the
two and implementing the filtering as a separate job
running on your Raspberry and a new job which consumes the output of the
first and does the analytics?


On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 10:23 AM Felipe Gutierrez <
felipe.o.gutierrez@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to design a little prototype with Flink and Apache Edgent (
> and I would like some help on the direction
> for it. I am running Flink at my laptop and Edgent on my Raspberry Pi with
> a simple filter for a proximity sensor (
> ).
> My idea is to push down the filter operator from Flink to the Raspberry Pi
> which is running Apache Edgent. With this in mind, where do you guys advise
> me to start?
> I have some ideas to study...
> 1 - Try to get the list of operators that Flink is about to execute on the
> JobManager. source:
> 2 - Implement a connector to Apache Edgent in order to exchange messages
> between Flink and Edgent.
> Do you guys think in another source that is interesting regarding my
> prototype?
> Thanks,
> Felipe
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