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Looking for relevant sources related to connecting Apache Flink and Edgent.


I am trying to design a little prototype with Flink and Apache Edgent ( and I would like some help on the direction for
it. I am running Flink at my laptop and Edgent on my Raspberry Pi with a
simple filter for a proximity sensor (

My idea is to push down the filter operator from Flink to the Raspberry Pi
which is running Apache Edgent. With this in mind, where do you guys advise
me to start?

I have some ideas to study...
1 - Try to get the list of operators that Flink is about to execute on the
JobManager. source:
2 - Implement a connector to Apache Edgent in order to exchange messages
between Flink and Edgent.

Do you guys think in another source that is interesting regarding my

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