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Re: Consuming data from dynamoDB streams to flink

Hi Ying,

I'm not aware of any effort for this issue.
You could check with the assigned contributor in Jira if there is some
previous work.

Best, Fabian

2018-06-26 9:46 GMT+02:00 Ying Xu <yxu@xxxxxxxx>:

> Hello Flink dev:
> We have a number of use cases which involves pulling data from DynamoDB
> streams into Flink.
> Given that this issue is tracked by Flink-4582
> <>. we would like to check
> if any prior work has been completed by the community.   We are also very
> interested in contributing to this effort.  Currently, we have a high-level
> proposal which is based on extending the existing FlinkKinesisConsumer and
> making it work with DynamoDB streams (via integrating with the
> AmazonDynamoDBStreams API).
> Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you very much.
> -
> Ying