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Re: Flex Installer missing crosspromotion.swc

If you unzip a recent AIR SDK, does it have crosspromotion.swc in it?


On 9/6/18, 7:59 AM, "kamcknig" <kamcknig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    When I use the Flex installer and install Flex/AIR, if I then attempt to
    build my application using IntelliJ, I get an error that crosspromotion.swc
    is missing. I have tried multiple combinations, but it is always missing and
    I have to go back to a very old version of my SDKs (that I can't recall
    where I installed from since I've had them forever) and copy over the
    crosspromotion.swc from frameworks/libs/air to the new SDK in order for it
    to work.
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