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Re: Loading a module from a module

Hi Olaf,

I don't have the module used fresh in my mind, but I can tell you that
should work. If you don't get it working you can communicate with the
parent module so that module perform the load.
Sorry, to not be of much help at this time, but at least I can tell you
that what you want to do should work.

Good luck! :)


2018-08-09 20:51 GMT+02:00 Olaf Krueger <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to load a module from a module which itself is already loaded by
> a shell app.
> But that does not work for me.
> What I found is that the module can only be loaded by the "parent" module
> if
> the shell also loads it.
> I am not so familiar with modules, so before diving deeper into this stuff
> I'd like to know if the described scenario basically should work.
> Or do I have to change my thinking? Maybe what I am trying to achieve
> doesn't make sense?
> Thanks,
> Olaf
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Carlos Rovira