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Desktop AIR Signing Woes

Hey all:

Using IntelliJ-IDEA 2018 to create a Desktop AIR app, the app works great running and debugging from IntelliJ. But trying to package it as a native installer (DMG), it won't sign. I keep getting this error:

"Unable to build a valid certificate chain for the signer."

I generated a MacOS application certificate on the apple developer site, installed it into my keychain, and exported it and the private key to a p12, and provided that in IntelliJ module AIR Package -> Keystore file an unchecked "Use self-signed certificate", then chose Build -> Package AIR Application and chose native installer because I am packaging an ANE and you can't do that if you package an AIR file. It has to be a native package.

Things I've tried include selecting the application certificate as well as the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority and the Developer ID Certification Authority (as mentioned on the Apple Developer site) and exported the combined certificates as p12, but that fails with the same error. I've exhausted all the resources on the web, reading everything and not finding answers.

I've also generated a 3rd Party Mac Developer Installer certificate, and tried using that but I get a different error in that case:

"Failed to package AIR application desktop-sandbox.dmg: not an X509 code-signing certificate"

My ADT command line:

/Applications/IntelliJ -Dapplication.home=/Users/ethomas/linqto/FlexSDKs/SDK4.16.1-29a -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Djava.awt.headless=true -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=en -Xmx1024m -jar /Users/ethomas/linqto/FlexSDKs/SDK4.16.1-29a/lib/adt.jar -package -storetype PKCS12 -keystore /Users/ethomas/linqto/FlexDev/certs/MacOSInstallerCert.p12 -target native /Users/ethomas/linqto/FlexDev/navcon/out/production/desktop-sandbox/desktop-sandbox.dmg /Users/ethomas/linqto/FlexDev/navcon/out/production/desktop-sandbox/desktop-sandbox-app.xml -extdir /Users/ethomas/linqto/FlexDev/EventANE -C /Users/ethomas/linqto/FlexDev/navcon/out/production/desktop-sandbox Main.swf

Any ideas?