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Moonshine IDE 1.14.0 Released!

Hello Flex Community!

We are pleased to announce that Moonshine 1.14.0 has been released at and on the App Store.

You can report any bugs or feature requests on our GitHub project:

- Basic Git Support Clone, Commit, Push/Pull, View/Revert modifications,
Create/Switch branches
- Option to mark files or folders as hidden in the project tree. Use the
"Show hidden files/folders" setting in the General settings to determine
whether or not these files should be displayed (NOTE: the changes for this
setting will not be applied until the project is closed and reopened, or
Moonshine is restarted).
- Visual Editor: Added duplicate (CTRL-U or CMD-U) and copy/paste
(CTRL-C/CMD-C and CTR-V/CMD-V) actions. This is currently only available by

- Visual Editor: Improvement to PrimeFaces Grids.
- Visual Editor: Added "Command Button" option for Button control.
- Visual Editor: Added reverse command for Tab in property panel using
SHIFT + Tab shortcut.

Bug fixes and improvements. More in release notes:


Piotr Zarzycki

Patreon: *