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Re: Restarting an AIR desktop application

I spent a lot of time on this issue and a working solution for me for almost
a year.

- 0 external runtime dependencies: AIR captive runtime on both Windows and
- Optimal processor architecture: I provide 3 options: macOS, Win-32 and
more recently Win-64
- 0 Windows security issues about folders (on C:\ you may have security
issues): I install on Main Drive:\User Documents\AppData\roaming\My App Id
(ex: C:\Users\hugo\AppData\roaming\pt.mygreatecompany.greatapp) - This is
the same strategy and Spotify Windows App for years (User Documents folder
change from Windows Version and language)
- 0 dependencies of external dlls: For example, I have an ANE for Toast that
depend on C++ .NET runtime, so I isulated the needed files and bring with
the App folders (it turns out that was only 2 small dlls and the license for
this 2 dlls allows to do that)
- And last but not least an auto updater mechanism tested on about 10
combinations of Windows versions + macOS

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