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Re: Restarting an AIR desktop application


Yes, I was a bit reluctant about the idea of doubling the bundle size only
to be able to restart the application.

But finally, Om's suggestion turned out to work perfectly (I wasn't setting
a valid path to my executable file). 

Thank you Hugo, your link is very interesting. The restart method used here
is based on the NativeProcess object too and the way the executable file is
constructed allowed me to understand my mistake.

Updating an Air dekstop application with captive runtime is perfectly
viable. The only remaining issue I encounter is the fact that, on Windows,
it is not allowed to write files into the ProgramFiles directory. I don't
know if there is a way to circumvent this restriction programmatically ? My
workaround is to set the .msi installer to copy the application files at the
root of the system hard drive instead of the programFiles directory.

Thank you all.


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