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Re: Restarting an AIR desktop application


Just so we understand, having another 38Mb download is not viable because of the time it takes to download it, or something else?

If what your launcher app does is simple enough, you could look into writing them as shell and batch scripts or tiny native apps.


On 7/5/18, 2:26 AM, "After24" <vincent@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Hi Alex, Hi Om,
    Thank you both for your answers.
    Alex I gave a try to your solution by creating a simple
    When it's update is complete, the main application open the launcher app
    using the "usr/bin/open" command and closed itself, than the re
    open the main application the same way.
    It works great but then I release the size is 38 Mb even if
    laucher.swf weight only 778 bytes because of the AIR runtime
    encapsulation... so this solution is not viable.
    Om, I gave a try to the executeFile method you suggest but I get the
    following error :
    Error #3214: NativeProcessStartupInfo.executable does not specify a valid
    executable file
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