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Re: Optimize speed on Android


I also noticed that performance vary significantly on android between
devices, even between devices with comparable hardware.

I don't have any explanation for the  data processing performance
degradation when renderMode is set to gpu.

Complicated views can take a while to initialize, you can leverage the
destructionPolicy property if you don't want a particular view to be
destroyed when the user navigate to another one. The application memory
print will increase but I don't think that it is still a problem on modern

Did you set useVirtualLayout to false on your list ?
CacheAsBitmap improve scrolling performance but the visual content of your
item renderers must be "still" (Except when the data property change)
because the item renderer as a displayObject is cached every time its
content changed. 

If you want to try on your samsung S8, I have an application on the play
store with a demo mode that contains various list with as3 item renderers :


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