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Re: Flex SDK Installer - is it broken?

Hi Guys,

I have my hands full with other tasks, so not sure when I will find the
time to look into that. If you would like to download SDK you have also
other option by using ant.

1) Download SDK binaries from here [1]
2) Run in downloaded folder:

"ant -f installer.xml -Dair.sdk.version=29.0 -Dflash.sdk.version=29.0"



2018-05-23 1:21 GMT+02:00 lixusnet <jamal.romero@xxxxxxxxx>:

> I am having the same problem. I used install Flex SDK using the installer
> without any problems. But now it fails. Sometimes I get connection timeout.
> Please helo
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Piotr Zarzycki

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