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Re: Make Your Voice Heard Fast Regarding 32-bit Support!!!

Regarding installing different AIR SDK's with Flex:  In theory, when you run the installer, you can override settings by putting a file in the destination folder.  The AIR install is looking for properties like:


In theory, if you set these four values to correct values in it will override what you pick from the UI.  Probably you only need to override the folder and md5 values.  That said, I don't see AIR on the Adobe AIR Archived SDK list.  But if you have it downloaded somewhere already, you can probably set 



On 5/7/18, 1:29 PM, "Erik J. Thomas" <erik@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Or, if you know of a way to install a fresh 4.16.1 + AIR I'm all ears but installer 3.1 allows selecting AIR 29 and it will only install build 122. I need 112 for development.