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Re: Flex VideoPlayer still work with youtube videos?

I thought we had Spark Video working with OSMF2.  There are some flv files in the mustella folder.  You can try those to see if the Flex video components work at all.


On 5/7/18, 4:32 AM, "carlos.rovira@xxxxxxxxx on behalf of Carlos Rovira" <carlos.rovira@xxxxxxxxx on behalf of carlosrovira@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Thanks Jaco,
    I think implementing a OSMF video player on my own is out of my scope now.
    So I'll need to go other way.
    After some research, seems youtube is now only HTML5, so is not possible to
    show youtube videos with VideoPlayer.
    Maybe another video service could be used, how is people serving video
    content this days in flex?
    Should I put an iFrame? some combination of video service + flex video
    component that currently works?
    2018-05-07 12:35 GMT+02:00 jaco <jaco@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
    > hi,
    > i think they removed crossdomain.xml
    > Apart this fact, in my experience spark videoplayer is far from being
    > stable
    > ad usable, much better to build your own video player with osmf 2.
    > :)
    > Jaco
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    > Sent from:
    Carlos Rovira