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Re: Make Your Voice Heard Fast Regarding 32-bit Support!!!

I thought I might hear back from more people here because I assumed a lot of
people here played with AIR. If you do, I really invite you to come to the
Adobe forum and voice your opinions. This post was recently made by a guy
named Flipline and it scared the socks off of me. If you have apps on the
App Store and are using AIR, you really need to read this:

"A larger issue is that using AIR 30, we can not even submit updates for ANY
of our apps for ANY devices, whether they have 64-bit iPads or not:  Apple
does not let you make changes to UIRequiredCapabilities for any reason in an
update, even if you change MinimumOSVersion to limit it to iOS 11 it will
still be rejected because UIRequiredCapabilities can not be changed after an
app is launched.  This means we lose support for 100% of our users of
existing apps if we upgrade to AIR 30.  This is a separate issue from 32-bit
devices being unsupported for brand-new apps, and which is even more
worrying for me."

In essence, you won't be able to update ANY current App Store apps that have
been submitted using AIR. They need to hear us in this discussion please.

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