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Re: Life after FlashPlayer, are you prepared?

All of our Flex apps here are internal apps, running inside our company
We already moved existing apps to AIR and we still implementing new stuff by
using Flex and AIR.
But we give up monolithic structures and trying even more to split-up our
apps into "simple" modules or sub-applications, separated by its concerns.
We also take care of using just pure AS3 within our business logic.

On the server side, we're going to replace ZendAMF and other PHP services by
NodeJS with Swagger in order to provide a clean, well documented WebAPI
which could be consumed by anybody and anything.
So in the end, each client (implemented by whatever technology) should be
able to consume our WebAPI.

We will target the browser again, but we guess that we won't need nearly the
same features/apps for Web, Desktop or Mobile.
So the idea is to just provide those apps/features for the e.g. browser that
makes sense.

We intend to use Apache Royale in order to target the browser.
If we're doing a good job we "just" have to replace the UI part, we'll see

We believe in Apache Royale because of its

- sustainability (Is this the right translation for the German word
- independence
- productivity

Even if the productivity is not yet the same as with Flex, it gets better
day by day.


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