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Re: Consume URL information

Hi bilbosax,

Actually there's an easy way to do this if you don't mind it being just a
little bit clunky.

In the Project-app.xml file, find the allowBrowserInvocation line and set it
to true.

Make the first line of the Main.mxml init function -

In the email set the link with a querystring containing the data that
defines the page you want to open and point it to an html file on your

In the html file, use javascript to get the data out of the querystring,
then in the html put a button for the user to click - you can put some text
like - For security, please click here if you opened this page from
myCompany's email.

Put a mouse click event handler in the javascript and in there put the code
as shown in this link -

Place the querystring vars in the arguments and when the user clicks this
button your app will open and you can use the arguments in yourFunction
(event.arguments is an array) to direct it immediately to the page required
by the user.


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