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RE: [Discussion] Life after FlashPlayer

Hi Olaf,

there were two factors:

1) Confidence to Adobe like you mentioned, plus feeling, that Google/Apple
do whatever they want, and eventhough the AIR might be very succesfull on
mobile, they will find a way how to kick it out, if they will decide to do
so. And when it is not on mobile, it is dead. Btw Adobe does not promote AIR
at all, at least I cannot hear anything.

2) We have few CPU intesive parallell algorithms in our app (check rinkai
dot cz), which are written in Java and being run on the server. When we
started 15 years ago, there was just one slow CPU on a normal desktop, and
we had to run it on the server. That has changed, it is common to have 4-8
cores on a desktop, which are faster than the ones on the server, so we will
move the algorithm run onto the desktop client.


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@Petr Nemecek
>We've decided to go to Java (back to roots)...

Hi Petr,
I just wonder why you don't just move to AIR?
Is it "just" because you have lost all confidence in Adobe?


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