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Re: Life after FlashPlayer, are you prepared?


Just about all of my Flex clients have moved to other technologies (most several years ago), either HTML and JS or a JS framework like angular or react. Those that are still using Flex don’t seem to have the budget and/or time to rewrite it in another technology. One I recently talked to (which had 1000’s of simple Flex applications - they work in the education space) has decided to automate the conversion via taking screen shots and convert to plan HTML with image maps as it’s less cost and effort than converting to a JS framework or Royale. (They also have some swfs which they don’t have the source code to which was a factor in that decision.) I’ve not seen any contract work re converting Flex to RoyaleJS (seems to be mostly internal projects?) but I have worked on a green fields project that used Apache FlexJS / Royale.