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Re: Life after FlashPlayer, are you prepared?


We are a team of two people working fulltime since 2011 on three flex
applications for a single client. 
These three applications represents a huge amount of work so developping
HTML5 substitutes is not an option for the client regarding costs and time

Decision has be taken to migrate to AIR desktop and mobile applications.
After several months, two applications have been fused and migrated into one
single AIR desktop app.

In term of strategy, our position is to stay away from the browser whenever
we can. When we can't, we would love to use Apache Royale. I'm following the
progress made by the team on the mailing list and I can't wait to find some
time to try Royale.

Why ?

1 - Because it's not managed by a big company like Google, Apple, Adobe... 
2 - Because it's based on a rock solid language for the logic part
3 - Because i's based on MXML for the view part
4 - Because of AMF that will permit to my associate (who works on the server
side) to keep developping without changing anything to his workflow

Big thank you to the Apache Flex/Royale team for all the work done and the
hope generated for flex devs like us.


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