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RE: Life after FlashPlayer, are you prepared?


we'd love to stay in the browser, but the browser area is still wild west,
all the technolgies/frameworks availabe (we tried many) are not capable of
doing what we need (and what works in Flex/FlashPlayer out of the box), or
don't work properly, or rely on one dude, so we (unfortunatelly) decided to
go out of the browser. As our customers are businesses, it hopefully will
not be that painful.

We've already started migration, we need 2018+2019 for coding, and 2020 for
switching the users. We've decided to go to Java (back to roots), as we
believe, it will be alive in 10+ years. With all those fancy voids we are
not sure about it, and our customers are not ready to pay for migrating the
app every second year.


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Hello from the Apache Royale (FlexJS) team, 

even if Flex with AIR is still an awesome and outstanding technology, Flex
in the browser ends with the end of FlashPlayer in 2020. 
To be clear: There will be no way to run your Flex apps in current browser
versions around 2020! 

The Flex mailing lists are followed by a few hundred people and we assume
that there are still a lot of Flex browser apps out there. 

So, we are really interested in what you are planning to do with your Flex
apps, e.g. 

- Do you need to stick with the browser at all? 
- Do you plan to migrate your Flex apps to whatever other technology? 
- Did you already migrate your Flex apps to whatever other technology? 
- ... 

If you are reading this post and have a Flex app, please speak up about what
your plans are! 

The Apache Royale (FlexJS) team 

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