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Re: [AIR] Font of loaded swf is lost

There are 3 types of loading for ApplicationDomain depending on the need of
interaction and use. This page explains it better.

Our use case is reverse of yours. The child swf's are located on site and we
do not have control over their age (some customers will not allow updates
after testing is complete), but the boot loader we can control to make sure
its up to date. So when a technician goes to a site and connects we want to
be able load older or newer versions from the same boot loader. We are doing
usage C because I want the loaded swf to communicate with some classes from
our boot loader, I do have to watch backward compatibility in the boot
loader but for us its an ok trade off because the main goal is to load older
and newer swf's from a single boot loader.

Sounds like you would want usage A.  

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