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Re: [AIR] Font of loaded swf is lost

The embedding of one font might bring in the EmbeddedFontRegistry classes into the main ApplicationDomain so they are shared among all sub-SWFs.  You could probably have success just force-linking EmbeddedFontRegistry and not have to embed the font.

Note also that using sub-applications is heavier than using modules, so if you are going to refactor you might be better off using modules.  Once you get set up with EmbeddedFontRegistry in the main ApplicationDomain, things should work without extra work on your part.


On 4/24/18, 12:19 PM, "Olaf Krueger" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I just noticed that if I just add one ttf font file to the shell/booloader
    app and I also define it within the styles section, it works!
    Even if I just define one font-face in the shell app, all other fonts (e.g.
    Flatspark) of the loaded SWF are working now. Magic...
    Thanks to all for your help!
    @font-face {
    	src: url("fonts/raleway/Raleway-Light.ttf");
    	fontFamily: "RalewayLight";
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