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Re: [AIR] Font of loaded swf is lost

Is this a desktop app or mobile app?

Is the shell written in Flex?  Is the loaded SWF?

For desktop, there should be code in the framework that should get this right most of the time.  The rule is that the SWF that contains the embedded font must be used to generate the TextField or TextLine that displays the font.  As soon as you have more than one SWF running, you can run into problems because the way ApplicationDomains work cause your code to want to always instantiate TextFields and TextLines in the first SWF loaded.

For Mobile, I'm less clear on the rules since the SWFs are no longer SWFs in IOS, IIRC


On 4/24/18, 1:35 AM, "Olaf Krueger" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I also just noticed that the FontAwesome fonts which are part of the SDK also
    doesn't work within the swf which was loaded dynamically at runtime.
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