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Re: [AIR] Font of loaded swf is lost

Apple will let your app load a SWF?  I thought there were restrictions on that.


On 4/24/18, 1:36 AM, "carlos.rovira@xxxxxxxxx on behalf of Carlos Rovira" <carlos.rovira@xxxxxxxxx on behalf of carlosrovira@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    Hi Olaf,
    that's an interesting topic. I'm interested in what things come from this,
    since I was thinking in make something similar for a mobile App. One of the
    problems with iOS-Apple Store is we need to wait around 3 working days to
    see updated apps in Apple Store. Something like this will overcome that
    2018-04-24 10:32 GMT+02:00 Olaf Krueger <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
    > Hi,
    > we're using AIR (captive runtime) here and instead of always deploying the
    > latest version of our app(s) I'd like to download the latest version as swf
    > from an internal server 'automatically'.
    > The idea is to deploy just a shell AIR app one time which will never be
    > changed.
    > This app has to load the latest swf(s) on demand from an internal server
    > which means that the users would have the same experience as with Flash in
    > the Browser.
    > No need to manually install anything anymore.
    > The swf loading at runtime using SWFLoader and URLLoader works like a charm
    > but the (embedded) fonts of the loaded swf are lost.
    > I am using the [Embed] tag and thought this makes the fonts part of the swf
    > [1].
    > I' am not experienced with this stuff so I guess I am missing something.
    > Any help is appreciated!
    > Thanks,
    > Olaf
    > [1]
    > [Embed(source='.../Raleway-Light.ttf',
    >    fontName='RalewayLightFont',
    >    fontStyle='normal',
    >    mimeType='application/x-font',
    >    embedAsCFF='true'
    > )]
    > --
    > Sent from:
    Carlos Rovira