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[AIR] Font of loaded swf is lost

we're using AIR (captive runtime) here and instead of always deploying the
latest version of our app(s) I'd like to download the latest version as swf
from an internal server 'automatically'.
The idea is to deploy just a shell AIR app one time which will never be
This app has to load the latest swf(s) on demand from an internal server
which means that the users would have the same experience as with Flash in
the Browser.
No need to manually install anything anymore.

The swf loading at runtime using SWFLoader and URLLoader works like a charm
but the (embedded) fonts of the loaded swf are lost.
I am using the [Embed] tag and thought this makes the fonts part of the swf

I' am not experienced with this stuff so I guess I am missing something.

Any help is appreciated!



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