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TextArea Cropping Text OnFocusOut

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if any of you guys have encountered this before.

[ testing on apple devies running iOS 10 , 11 / AIR Version 29 ]

When using TextArea component with the default skin - , it doesn't seem to measure the text correctly if the user adds new lines to the text. 

It works fine when just typing sentences as normal, but if for example, entering an address where the user is clicking enter and adding new lines , it crops the text when the component loses focus.  ( see attached TextArea2.png ) 
It displays OK when the component regains focus.  ( see attached TextArea1.png )

The older skin ( ) doesn't have this issue but it doesn't look as good and it has its own set of issues.

I have tried extending the skin and setting the height explicitly on focus out but no joy.

Any ideas?




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