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Moonshine IDE 1.11.0 Released!

Hello Flex Community!

We are pleased to announce that Moonshine IDE 1.11.0 has been released at and on the App Store.

You can report any bugs or feature requests on our GitHub project:

- Integrated Away Builder [1] editor.

- Updated NexGenActionscript engine to version 0.10.0.
- Royale: Changed default project name during project creation from
NewRoyaleBrowserProject to NewJavaScriptBrowserProject.
- Setup requestedDisplayResolution to high to avoid issues in Windows for
high DPI screens.
- Global Search: Updated shortcuts to CTRL-SHIFT-F (Windows) and
- Global Search: Added editor highlighting for matches

- Fixed issue where cursor flashed for editor and console at the same time.
- Language server: Fixed issue where +configname was not pass properly to
language server for a library build.
- Fixed issue with opening binary files from the project tree
- Settings: Fixed issue where ANE settings were lost after IDE restart.
- Code Completion: Fixed issue where some style attributes does not show up
in the list.
- Apache Flex Installer: Fixed issue where downloading OSMF failed.
- Local Search: Fixed issue where order of search results was incorrect.

*Known Issues:*
- Away Builder Editor tab can not be closed. This is necessary for now
until we find a way to reinitialize the tab
- Renaming a newly created project template is not working



Piotr Zarzycki

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