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Re: mx:VDividedBox not resolved

Take a look at your frameworks/air-config.xml.  In the binaries for Apache
4.16.1, mine has a library-path section that looks like this:


It may be that the overlay approach you are using overwrites the
air-config.xml with one from the AIR SDK that doesn't have libs/mx.  In
theory, if you add libs/mx to air-config.xml and restart Flash Builder (it
might cache air-config.xml) then it should pick it up without you having
to alter your library-path in the project.


On 4/11/18, 4:45 PM, "Alex P" <alex.polmans@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>My component set was correct at MX+Spark
>I figured it out - mainly from you pointing me to the mx.swc in the
>frameworks directory, although I still have no idea why it works in Adobe
>4.6 and not in Apache 1.16.
>I added the frameworks\libs\mx directory to my library path and then Flash
>Builder could see them. So I have one entry in the library pointing to the
>SDK, and a second with a full file descriptor pointing around the SDK to
>sub-directory.  If I change the SDK, I'm going to have to change this link
>as well.  Previously I think that sub-directories may have been included
>automatically in the search.
>Thanks for your help, awesome job with the port.
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