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Re: mx:VDividedBox not resolved

I just remembered that Flash Builder projects have configurations for
being Spark-only or not.  Check to see if your project is set up for
Spark-only.  If so, that's why it doesn't see mx.swc.  I think you can
also use Project/Properties to examine the list of SWCs it will compile
against.  Make sure mx/mx.swc is in there.


On 4/11/18, 1:00 PM, "Alex P" <alex.polmans@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Thanks for the reply Alex.
>I have always downloaded the Flex SDK and the AIR SDK separately and then
>combined them just by unzipping  them to the same directory according to
>Today I tried using the ant script as directed by Piotr, but that failed
>redirecting from http:// to https://.  I did see from his instructions
>we need AIR 29, so I'm going to abort using previous versions.
>I looked in the frameworks, and VDividedBox is definitely there.
>So, now I'm think that Flash Builder is not accessing the frameworks file
>correctly. mx.swc is not overwritten by AIR
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