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Re: mx:VDividedBox not resolved

I tried it and it worked for me.

What do you mean by overlaying AIR 27?  I used Ant to install Apache Flex

You can verify that your SWCs are correct by unzipping
frameworks/libs/mx.swc and seeing if VDividedBox is in catalog.xml in the

Try building from the command-line and post the console output if it fails.


On 4/11/18, 11:23 AM, "Alex P" <alex.polmans@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I apologize, that should have been <mx:VDividedBox>.   I was getting
>desperate and saw ns somewhere and tried it.   I didn't realize that
>was posted.    This code works great if I just switch back to Adobe Flex
>4.6.  It just does not find it in the Apache version which makes me think
>there is something wrong with my Apache Flex install.
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