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Re: Flex Installer - Air 29 - OSMF Fail (Windows)

At my organization, we've used Flex for probably 10 years now and we have what I think may be one of the largest Flex codebases (over 200k lines of source).  We went to onboard a new developer last week and it was quite a disappointment for me.  Flex Builder 4.6 will no longer install, Adobe has turned off the license servers so you have to route them to in your hosts file (which our admins, also in charge of software licensing, were not thrilled with).  This issue took us 3 days to troubleshoot before we finally came across the thread in the Adobe forum (one of our sysadmins is the guy who posted the hosts file solution, they were using the Win firewall prior to that but that's not an option for us).  Then the SDK installer fails on the OSMF installation.  It was very disheartening and really didn't impress the new dev.

From: Lydecker <zach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 8:01 AM
To: users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Flex Installer - Air 29 - OSMF Fail (Windows)

Hi - I'm trying to use the latest SDK installer to install Flex/Air29 on

The installer downloads the Flex SDK and Air SDK and unpacks them, but then
fails when it gets to the OSMF download.

Any ideas?

Log below:

Installer version 3.3.0 (windows)
Using Locale: en_GB
Fetched the SDK download mirror URL from the CGI.
SDK version Apache Flex SDK 4.16.1
AIR version 29.0
Flash Player version 29.0
Creating Apache Flex home
Creating temporary directory
Downloading Apache Flex SDK from:
Verifying Apache Flex SDK MD5 Signature
The Apache Flex SDK MD5 Signature of the downloaded files matches the
reference. The file is valid.
Unzipping: C:\Users\z\Desktop\f29\temp\
Finished unzipping:
Downloading Adobe AIR Runtime Kit for Windows from:
Validating download: C:\Users\z\Desktop\f29/in/
Finished unzipping: C:\Users\z\Desktop\f29/in/
Installing Adobe Flash Player playerglobal.swc from:
Validating download:
Downloading from:
Validating download: C:\Users\z\Desktop\f29/in/
Download complete
Downloading OSMF2_0.swc?format=raw from:
Validating download: C:\Users\z\Desktop\f29/frameworks/libs/osmf.swc
OSMF download failed
Aborting Installation: Flex

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