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Adobe Flex 4.6 or Apache Flex 4.12

Hello Friends,

I am getting back to a Starling/Feathers app I started earlier this year. I
see now AIR and Flash are now at version 13. That's awesome. Starling and
Feathers have a tin of updates. Even More awesome. What I'm unclear about is
the Flex versioning. I use FDT and I don't recall ever updating my Flex
package. I usually only update the AIR SDK and Flash Player. My question is,
in regard to the latest updates (Starling, Feathers, AIR etc...), is it
important to also upgrade to the new Flex version? Or am I fine with 4.6?
The reason I ask is that the upgrade to the new Flex version is not crystal
clear to me. Having to merge folders via CLI is not my strong suit. If
anyone has a link for how to upgrading and/or any opinions on this I'd
really appreciate it.

Please Help

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